Terms & Conditions



It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure any representative from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone is made fully aware of any health issues the pet is experiencing, or has suffered in the past. Representatives from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone shall follow any instruction given by the client in regards to medication but cannot be held liable for any complications which may arise.

My Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all representatives from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone to ensure and provide the services that we agree on in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

Representatives of Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone will not let any dog off its lead when walking unless owner consent has been given and the dog proves to have sufficient training (i.e. the dog is able to recall at the handlers request).

Representatives from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone are not responsible or liable for damage to the clients property or damage to someone else’s property caused by the clients pet(s).

All of your details will be kept private and confidential.

Your Responsibility

We recommend that cats are kept indoors whilst in our care and that cat flaps are to be secured so we can ensure their health and safety. However, should you wish for your cat to have free access to a cat flap we cannot be held liable for any disappearance, injuries or death.

Leads, collars and other relevant accessories should be supplied by the client. If your pet is to cause damage or injury (including death) to themselves, other animals, any property or people, that is your responsibility. Subsequently, if your pet runs away this is your responsibility.

Any damage caused by your pet whilst in our care, whether it be your property, someone else’s or ours, you would be liable to cover any costs.

The client shall provide sufficient food, cat litter and any treats for their pet(s) for the duration of the service.

Representatives of Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone do not accept liability for the actions or welfare of anyone else in your home prior to, during, or immediately after our services are completed.

Please notify anyone with access to your property, that representatives of Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone are permitted at the property as per the booking, likewise, it is your responsibility to notify representatives from Wilsons’ Give A Dog A Bone of any family members or other members of the public that may have access to your home during the booking.

Please inform representatives of Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone if your pet(s) are unsociable and/or if they could be a risk to me, another person or animal. If we deem your pet(s) to be overly aggressive we are within our right not to accept a booking. If an injury is caused by your pet to another animal, person, or representative of Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone whilst in our care you will be responsible to cover the costs, (vet bills, legal costs etc.).If your pet shows aggressive behaviours while in our care, the client agrees that the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

We will require a copy of current vaccinations for dog walking purposes. In the unlikely event of any staff from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone being injured by any of the client’s animals, the client would be responsible for any costs and adequate compensation would be requested.

The client agrees to fully reimburse Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone for any fees including emergency vet care, food, cleaning supplies and any other miscellaneous items.

An emergency contact must be provided. If this contact is unavailable, the representative from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone  reserves the right to consult a veterinarian and make decisions in the best interest of the pet and the clients home.

Please inform representatives from Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone of any changes to any details e.g. contact number, pet care needs, dietary changes.


A free consultation is required prior to any first time bookings so we can discuss requirements.

Bookings must be made 24 hours prior to the service start date but Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone may accept on the day bookings where there’s availability and providing a consultation has taken place.

Pet sitting/dog walking is priced at £10 per hour and £6.50 for half an hour per household. E.g. If you have more than one dog and they can be walked together the price would be £10 for the hour as we don’t charge for walking additional dogs from the same household.

Pet sitting includes anything the client feels is required. Requirements will be discussed during the free consultation. This can include walks, feeding, toilet breaks and playtime.

A premium charge will apply for clients based further than 8 miles from my base in Skelmersdale.

Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone reserves the right to adjust prices. Clients would always be given prior notice.



If Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone, for any reason cannot provide the service agreed, the client will be informed as soon as possible and where applicable, a full refund will be given. Refunds can take up to 3 working days.

Any bookings that are cancelled by the client 24 hours prior to appointment will be payable in full, likewise any bookings cancelled 48-72 hours prior to the appointment, will be payable to 50% of the rate.


Payments accepted via cash and bank transfer (reference required). Details will be provided upon request.

Insurance & DBS

Public liability insurance and employee’s liability insurance are provided by Protectivity insurance; documents are available upon request.

Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone staff have all been DBS checked, documents are available upon request.


It is recommended that a house key is provided for the duration of the booking this is to ensure that the property can be secured. There will be no charge for collection or return of keys within a 4 mile radius. If the client requires services over a long period of time it may be more convenient for both parties, to provide Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone with a copy of the key. This is at the client’s discretion. Keys can be left in a safe place of your choosing or with a neighbour if the client decides this is their preferred method.

Pet Waste/General Cleanliness

Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone will clean up after your pets to the best of their ability. Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone is not responsible for any stains or damage created by your pets. We request that you provide us with access to cleaning products, plastic bags, towels etc.

Whilst on a walk, Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone will ensure the proper disposal of any waste and will be responsible for bringing their own waste bags. In the instance that there are no outside waste disposal bins, we may have to bring waste back and dispose into a bin on the property.


Wilson’s Give A Dog A Bone staff may wish to have a spouse or other family member accompany them on visits/walks, this would be at no extra cost to the client.