Per Hour

  • Flexible & Convinient

Per Half Hour

£6.50/ Half hr
  • Prices are per household

Pet sitting in your home has so many advantages. It’s convenient and it also keeps the pets in their familiar environment where they are most comfortable. Another advantage of employing an ‘in your home pet sitter’ is home security.

If you book for pet sitting and would like your dog walking within that pet sit this can be arranged at no extra cost. 

Pet sitting includes anything the client feels is required. Requirements will be discussed during the free consultation. This can include walks, feeding, toilet breaks and playtime. 

Want your pet comfortable and in familiar surroundings?

  • £10 per hour
  • £6.50 for half an hour
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Prices are per household – we do not charge per dog!
  • Overnight stays available please get in touch for a quote
  • Discounts available for Disabled, Over 60s and families with rescue animals

Please get in touch for tailored quotes or to discuss your needs

*Prices are changing from March 5th 2018:

1 hour walks & pet sits will now be £10 & £9 for rescue animals.  

If you book 2+ hours it’s £9 per hour & £8 per hour for rescues.

30 minutes will now cost £6.50 & £6 for rescue animals.

There will still be no additional  fee for walking multiple dogs.