Wilson’s Give a Dog a Bone is owned and ran by Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson has a longstanding history of working with animals. He has years experience in the animal industry working within rescues and kennels. Darren was heavily involved in the re-homing of rescue animals and was a home check assessor for a major UK rescue for German Shepherds. No breed is too big or small!

Wilson’s Give a Dog a Bone is a family owned business. The team consists of Darren Wilson, Beth Jones & Jacqueline Georgeson. All are DBS checked and insured with vast experience with animals. 

What stands us apart from others, is our passion and commitment to building a strong, trusting relationship with you and your pet. This is why we only offer 1-2-1 walks and pet sits. 

We are strong advocates for rescue pets, which is why we offer additional discounts for owners who’ve gone above and beyond in adopting or fostering an animal in need.  

For those who are elderly, or those with a disability, who may find it difficult in managing their pets day to day needs, we also offer a discount to support you, so your pet can still maintain their high quality of life.

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